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Oxford’s Vegan Refill Store

OxUnBoxed is a non-profit vegan refill store, with a focus on reducing single use plastic waste. Founded by students over a decade ago, we used to operate as a pop-up store, before our more permanent location on Little Clarendon Street, kindly accommodated by Oxford Hub. Recently their team expanded, so we needed a new home: Covered Market, with its focus on local produce and shopping, seemed like the perfect fit!

Come bring your own containers (or borrow some of ours!), fill them with our delicious organic products, and weigh them to pay just for the goodies! We will happily take your empty containers to give them a new life, and are always looking for volunteers to join us in our mission! 🙂

Cmw Ox Unboxed Meetthetrader

Opening Hours

MON - SUN10AM - 5PMBank Holidays10AM - 4PM
Cmw Ox Unboxed Meetthetrader

Meet OxUnboxed

Hi! We’re Ange, Célian & Yannis ! The three of us all used to be students in Oxford, and fell in love with the city and its community! We’re very excited to join in on the efforts to keep the city centre independent and thriving with an environmental emphasis 🙂 

We believe eco-friendly products should be available to everyone, and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to live a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why we operate as a non-profit, making our goods as affordable as possible. To do this we need the support of people who share our mission, so please pop in and say hello if this sounds like you!