three prize winners hold their prizes up and smile. Two prize givers stand smiling in the background

Hip Hip Hoooray meet the lucky winners!

All three winners stand smiling and holding their prizes at the front. At the back John Gowing and Graham Macdonald from Wicked Chocolate join them also smiling to camera.

Another fantastic East Egg Hunt in the market draws to a close. It’s always great to end something like this on a high and this year’s Grand Prize Draw was no exception.  

At 1 pm, Monday 8 April, it was great to have so many hopeful winners arrive at the Grand Prize Draw to see who will be this year’s lucky three.  John Gowing of John Gowing Jewellers very kindly came to present the prizes.

The first prize was a fantastic huge fluffy bunny and chocolate egg, won by Joey and kindly collected by Joey’s Grandma. The second prize was a stunning large pink egg by Butlers won by Rachael, and 3rd prize went to little Lucy who received a superb Monty Bojangles egg.

There were also lots of Easter chocs given out to all the children who made it to the presentation,  generously donated by Graham McDonald from Wicked Chocolate

Very best wishes to everyone who took part. We hope you had almost as much fun as the real Easter Bunnies do!