close up of a glass of orange wine from Market Cellar Door

There’s something really beautiful about taking a summer evening stroll. The Oxford colleges really lend themselves to such evenings as they pick up that warm golden hue.

From Thurs – Saturdays we’re open until 10pm. Why not stop off in the market, here’s a few tips for adding that extra special something to your evening.

Wine and Beer tasting

Take some time out to expand your palate with Teardrop Bar and The Market Cellar Door – they open until 7pm Thurs – Sat.  They’re right next door to each other and both offer flights of beer or wine as well as expert advice. It’s a really fun and sociable way to learn more about what your favourite tipple is.  Plus after that you’ll always have the latest creations by Tap Social, and the specialist menu selected by Il Corno too. Gulp Fiction also run a Happy Hour 7pm to 8pm Thursday – Saturday.  So there’s plenty to choose from.

three pictures, one of a glass of rose wine, 2nd picture of person holding a selection of beer tasters, another of a person holding a selection of wines to taste

Four people smiling and laughing as they stand behind a clay monster they have made

Get Crafty

Look out for when The Market Tap host their fantastic Sip and Clay events with artists Sophia and Ismail. Their creativity knows no bounds and so will yours!  If you like to keep your hands dry then how about trying out a crochet or knitting class with The Woolhound? They offer classes at all levels. Just check out The Woolhound’s event page for details.

Talks and Quizzes

Transport yourself to Naples with Il Corno’s Conversations Around Naples. These fantastic free talks invite guest speakers to share their takes on the arts and culture of Naples. It really does feel like you’ve been transported abroad.  Every Friday Gulp Fiction host their “Not Very Literary Quiz”. It’s a perfect way to expand your mind with friends and as the title suggests you don’t have to be a bookworm to take part.  Gulp Fiction also host a monthly book club too. For details here’s a direct link to their events page.

Three pictures of different guest speakers doing three different talks

Lots of people in the market watching music

Free live music in the central square

The Market Tap regularly puts on live music in the market’s central square. Artists span all kinds of genres plus every month they play host to a fantastic open mic night called “A Night of Music” by Nash’s Tune Trove.  For more details here’s the Tap Socials Events page, Market Tap events are in green. Gulp Fiction often put on Jazz inside their shop and the odd event in the square. For further details click on this link to Gulp Fictions events page.

Burger with chips and sprinkled paprika and greek salad

Tasty evening treats

…and if snacking is what you need you can’t go wrong with one of Il Corno’s delicious Panuozzo available until 9pm or their superb taralli perfect for a quick bite to go with a post work wine.  If  you are in before 7pm there’s also Sartorrelli’s pizzas – did you know you can add your own toppings for just 50p each!?  For a sumptuous dive into fresh Greek and Mediterranean dishes including the much loved souvlaki open until 8pm – if you are sitting in the central area they’ll be happy to bring it to you table. Gulp, Teardrop and Market Tap are also all happy for you to eat your Covered Market food in any of their venues.