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Show your love for this planet and widen your social circle.  

Fancy doing your bit to show your love for this planet and enjoy becoming a part of a really lovely team? OxUnBoxed are on the search. There’s lots of ways you can give them a helping hand.

Here’s a message from one of OxUnboxed’s Directors Yannis Baur…

We need your help to survive!
Starting a non-profit comes with its challenges, and we’d love your support in overcoming them. swipe through, and read on, to see how you can make a difference:

1) Volunteer – we are entirely volunteer run, and would love to expand the team. fill in the volunteer link in our linktree if you have some time to give the link is https://forms.gle/4DHewfByk1dY2aWC8

2) Donations – it’s our 5th month of running the shop, we’re feeling the pinch. If you are able to, please consider donating a one-off, or monthly amount

3) Fundraising – if you can’t donate money, we’d love to coordinate some fundraisers

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Containers of sugar, salt and flour on a shelf

Did you know?

Did you know that if you want to shop but never seem to have the right container, never fear, they have containers there that have been donated by others. Pop in and say hi to Yannis and co.

For staff members from OxUnboxed standing outside their shop, smiling and laughing

4) Your custom – ultimately, we live off of sales. We only need to sell around £90 of products per day, so if 10 people come and spend £9 we’re in the green

5) Bulk orders – you can personally order custom (min. 1kg) or you can encourage your group / college room / organisation / work to source their supplies from us

6) Friends – tell your friends about us (our prices are lower than people expect!). Bring them along next time you visit

7) Communities – know a good group on Facebook, WhatsApp, or elsewhere? Please consider posting about us. You could help us reach so many additional people

8) Containers – Keep em coming!! We love giving your old jars, tubs and bottles a second life

Any questions, please reach out to info@oxunboxed@org and thank you for taking time to read this!