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Your spooky Halloween shop spy has been out and about rounding up a host of tricks and treats to help your Halloween go bump in the night.

Treats all round

If you are having a party or just love to keep a bowl of spooky treats ready for the trick-or-treaters, then you’ll see Wicked Chocolate is bursting with all kinds of Halloween-themed chocs and sweets. They have a fantastic selection for various dietary requirements too. If you are after something a little stronger Teardrop Bar, The Market Cellar Door, The Market Tap, The Cheese Shop Oxford and Colombia Coffee Roasters all stock an incredible array of beverages to take home as well as drink at the market.

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Dress to impress

Next to Nothing offer some superb clothing that would work brilliantly for a Halloween theme. The Hat Box are stocking a fantastic line in orange, black and green berets too. Of course, they also do top hats, and fascinators too – perfect for that extra bit of finesse. How about your feet? Soctopus have a mind-bendingly large collection of spooky fun for your feet at this time of year. Great for gifts too! Don’t forget to accessorise too. Pop into Pingui, Nothing Boutique and Next to Nothing again. And if you want to splash the cash how about a very special Halloween something with John Gowing Jewellers.

Halloween Décor time

Even to simply visit and get in the spooky mood The Garden of Oxford is a wonderful sight to be hold. Packed with all manner of Halloween natural decorations it’s a must. Of course you can’t do a proper party without a pumpkin to carve. There’s only one place for all your pumpkin needs and that’s Bonners Fruit and Veg.   Jemini Flowers love their gonks. They seem to have a gonk for every season and Halloween is no exception. A Woollen Cosy Life also have a very cute collection of seasonal felt characters to hang around your party.

The devil is in the detail so how about some black soap from The Oxford Soap Company, or head to Crystal Spirit Emporium to stock up on incense, crystals and these fantastic spell candles – also all perfect for Halloween gifts too.

How about making your own decor? Look no further than The Woolhound. Superb patterns and workshops to help you create some fantastic goulish pieces.

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Treat yourself!

Every party organiser deserves to treat themselves. Or maybe you just feel like getting in the mood. We’ve got a few exciting specials in mind. Gulp Fiction have been busy at work creating a special Halloween-themed cocktail menu. Black vanilla, or pumpkin gelato anyone? Head to iScream and remember you can buy it in tubs too if you fancy offering it at your party.

Who could think about treats without checking in on The Cake Shop Oxford. Their spooky cup-cakes are just brilliant. Great for your party spread too.